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Library services

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Brief guide (under construction) to the physics branch.

Brief guide (under construction) to the astronomy branch.



The Physics branch is accessible to everyone. We only ask that you leave your belongings (except what’s needed for your studies) in the lockers just outside the entrance.
There are 49 seats, located in three rooms; one of these rooms, the one which contains books, closes at 18.00. The other two closes at 19.00.

The Astronomy branch is also accessible to anyone. You don't have to leave your belongings when you enter. There are 26 seats, 8 in an aisle and 18 in a study room. The library is open from 9.00 to 18.00.



The Physics branch owns about 15.835 books and 405 paper journals, of which 61 are current subscriptions (data updated to 29th october 2014). The Astronomy branch owns 2.369 books and 91 printed journals, stored in Asiago, of which 16 are current subscriptions.



The library, through the University, grants its institutional users access to the main scientific databases, such as SCOPUS and WEB OF SCIENCE. Non-institutional users (i.e. users which doesn’t have a formal relationship with our University) have to purchase the SBA card which grants them access to advanced services (like getting full text of journal articles). The card costs 15€ for 6 months, or 25€ for 12 months.



To search for paper journals and books, and for electronic books, owned by all the University libraries, you can check the online catalogue. If you’re looking for electronic journals you can search the catalogue or else the “Electronic Journals Catalogue”, CaPerE. There, you will find all the e-journals to which the University grants access, including informations about which years are accessible and which not (usually, the older is the year you’re searching, the more difficult is to find its electronic version).
To search for articles you can access our online portal, AIRE. To use it to its full extent, howewer, you have to be an institutional user or you have to purchase the non-institutional users card and, even so, get access to AIRE through a pc which belongs to the University network.
More informations available at the digital library site.



There are 2 computers: the first one is reserved to physics students which have already required and obtained the physics computer room account; the other one is open to everyone, provided that you fill the register which records the date and the hour in which you use the pc.



Unless the vast majority of the others University Libraries, the Physics branch haven’t joined the collective agreement with MyPrint. You have to use our local print card, which have to be requested to a librarian. The price for every copy is 0,06 cent.



Institutional users (and non institutional users who purchased the SBA card) can borrow books from our library. Depending on what kind of user you are, you can borrow a certain number of books, for a certain period, and you can renew your loans for a certain number of times. The table below shows loan conditions in details:

User typeNumber of loansDays of loanRenewals
Professor, Post-graduate, collaborator, affiliated organization staff                   20                                     60                                     5                  
Senior, student 10 30 5
External user 2 15 1

Please be aware that the maximum number of loans refers to all the science libraries, which includes the libraries of Physics and Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Geosciences, Mathematics and History of Science. To make things clear, let’s say for example that you are a student and you just borrowed three books from the Physics and Astronomy library: this implies that you can borrow up to two other books from the Science Libraries. You can’t, say, take three books from the Mathematics one, because the total amount would be six. But if you go the the Engineering Libraries, this limit doesn’t apply, because they don’t belong to the Science libraries group: each group has its own limit.



The University purchases a lot of paper journals, and grants access to a large number of electronic journals, but obviously cannot provide access to all the journals published all over the world. If you happen to need something that we do not directly own, to bypass this problem we can ask to other libraries (outside Padua) which own the printed or electronic version of the document you need, to send us a copy of that document. This service is free of charge, unless the library which supplies the document asks for a refund (it happens very few times). In this case, however, we ask you in advance if you’re willing to pay or not.
While it’s true this service is free of charge, keep in mind that it is reserved to institutional users or “SBA card users”.
For external libraries which ask us a document delivery, the service is free of charge. For foreign coutries, we can provide you the document you need, as long as the publisher license allow us to send articles outside Italy. You can check the license list to see if Document Delivery outside Italy is allowed or not.



If you need a book, but there isn’t a library among the University ones which owns it, you can request an interlibrary loan: we can ask to another library, outside Padua, the book you need, and then give it to you for a limited amount of time (usually three weeks, but it depends on what the library that supply us the book says).
Unless the document delivery, this service is NOT free of charge: it costs the user 6,5 € (or 13,5€ if the book has to be requested outside Italy).
You can fill up the request form (unfortunately, this page is currently not translated in English: if you need help, you can ask us for assistance).For external libraries that need a book we own, the Central Interlibrary Loan Office (UCPI) lends the material owned by the cooperating libraries (such as the Astronomy and Physics Library) to Italian and foreign libraries, only for study and research reasons. Requests may be sent directly to the cooperating libraries, or to th UCPI MailBox: ill(at) All the requested books will be collected and shipped to the Central office, which then registers the loan and sends them to the requesting library. Items must be sent back, within 30 days, to the UCPI. If you need to prolong the loan, you can directly ask us by e-mail: [inserire indirizzo e-mail nuovo].
The current charge is 4.80 € on postal giro account (in Italy) and 1 or 1/2 IFLA voucher for foreign Libraries and Italian ones that prefer this kind of refund.

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