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Using the library: a quick guide

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To reserve your seat use the Affluences app on mobile devices, or click on the icons below:

In the library, you can:

Guests users must have the Library System card to use most of  the services: form to fill out

Library collections

Most documents are stored on the second floor and available on open shelves; books are shelved according to an internal semantic system.

Maps and lists will help you to locate books.

Computer facilities

In the Library some workstations are freely accessible for searching and browsing the GalileoDiscovery; others need an institutional e-mail address (SSO) and password to access the Digital Library and surfing the web.

For further questions ask a librarian or send an email

Contact us
qr code pointing to the library websiteVia Francesco Marzolo, n. 8 (map) - 35131 Padua (Italy)
Phone +39 049 8277117 (Information desk), e-mail biblio.fisicaeastronomia[at]
Opening hours  They may change during the holidays.
Holiday closings of the University (ITA)

Libraries and multimedia facilities

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